After Care Tips For Double Eyelid Surgery

Is a double eyelid surgery [ทำตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai] approaching and you are curious about how to have a successful recovery? The aftercare is essential for effective results and complications prevention. This guide will give important advice to help you take care of yourself after the procedure so that the healing process won’t just be safe, but also effective.

· Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

The key element of aftercare is strictly following your surgeon’s recommendations. These guidelines will be custom-made to your condition; they will include important details on wound care, medications, and activity restrictions. Failure to follow these instructions may, consequently, lead to problems or lengthen the recovery period.

· Keep The Area Clean

Keeping a clean environment is the key point to prevent infections. Gently wash the surgical area with the indicated solution or mild saline. It is vital to keep away from using any strong chemicals or skincare products on the area until your surgeon approves. Pat the area with a clean towel, and do not rub or apply any pressure.

· Manage Swelling And Discomfort

Frequent swelling and discomfort are the most common side effects of double eyelid surgery. To decrease the swelling, apply cold compresses to the area which is recommended by your surgeon. Elevate your head to prevent swelling and bruising even while sleeping. Over-the-counter pain medication, after your surgeon’s approval, can be used for pain relief.

· Avoid Strenuous Activities

When you are in the first stages of recovery, avoid heavy activities that can make your eyes tired or sweat excessively. Activities that cause heavy lifting, intense exercise, or bending over can increase swelling and the rate of complications. Light activities and slow walking are normally allowed after clearance with your surgeon.

· Protect Your Eyes

After surgery, your eyes will be much more sensitive, so you have to protect them. Put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and wind when you go outdoors. Do not spend much time reading, watching TV, or using digital devices as these may fatigue the eyes. Lubricating eye drops will help your eyes stay moist and comfortable.


A good and successful recovery depends highly on proper aftercare after double eyelid surgery. Broadly, all this is achieved by adhering to your surgeon’s instructions, keeping cleanliness, managing swelling, avoiding strenuous activities, protecting your eyes, monitoring for complications, and attending follow-up appointments. If you adhere to these directions, you will be able to relish the outcome of your surgery for many years.

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