Golf Umbrellas: The Literal Biggies In The Outdoors

Golf has always been recognized as a royal sport. The supplies used in a golf court are also worth discussing. The grand sport sports several unique pieces of equipment. One of them is the golf umbrella.

Golf umbrellas are primarily made to protect golfers from sun, rain, dust, and other elements of the environment. The big size is meant to protect the golfer and also their basket.

These umbrellas are bigger than normal umbrellas. There is much more to it worth your read; let’s jump in.

The Anatomy of Golf Umbrellas


The first thing that sets a golf umbrella apart from normal umbrellas is its large canopy size. A golf umbrella usually measures 60 meters in diameter. A Golf umbrella manufacturing factory (โรงงาน ผลิต ร่ม กอล์ฟ, which is the term in Thai) may decide the sizes around the standard size, or it can offer a few size variants too.

Materials Used

The fabric of the canopy of a golf umbrella used to be a durable one. Usually, nylon, microfibre, polyester, and pongee are used for the golf umbrella canopy.

The frame of golf umbrellas is made of strong materials. Fiberglass and metals are the most used materials for the frame structure.

Since we know that golf umbrellas are big and strong, this implies that they are heavy. This fact calls for better handles. What’s better than an ergonomic one? Yes, the handles of these umbrellas are made ergonomic so that they can be easily held in hands with better grip.

The ribs of the umbrella are designed in a way that the canopy stays intact in heavy winds and doesn’t turn upside down like ordinary umbrellas do.

Functionality Beyond The Greens

These giant umbrellas can be used beyond the golf course. These can be used for different purposes:

  • Table shade for a family party
  • Light shade to create soft lighting effect by photographers
  • Umbrella for 4-5 people
  • Shades for any outdoor/ sports event
  • Shades at the beach
  • Camping and hiking

There are more ways, think of one, and you can use your golf umbrella there!


Golf umbrellas impersonate the grandeur of the game itself. The size, the versatility, the durability, and the usefulness everything is big about it. You can spot a golf umbrella by its size.

Apart from the golf course, you can find these in outdoor events and gatherings. The structure is big and strong, so the materials used in it have to be lightweight and strong at the same time.

Mostly, fiberglass is used for making the frame of golf umbrellas. The shape, size, and materials of these umbrellas ensure safety when the weather outside doesn’t seem reasonable, even beyond the golf course.

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