Useful Tips for Buying 100% Authentic Kona Coffee

Kona coffee beans are one of the most chased coffee beans worldwide. The rich taste and unique aroma of Kona coffee will leave imprints of its flavor on your taste buds. Once you try the luscious taste of Kona coffee, there is no going back to other ordinary coffees. Kona coffee is the market name of Coffee Arabica.


These unique coffee beans are cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona districts of the Islands of Hawaii. Beautiful sunny mornings, cloudy and rainy afternoons with little wind, mineral-rich volcanic soil, and mild nights provide the perfect environment for the growth of Kona coffee beans.

Tips to Buy 100% Authentic Kona Coffee

Due to its popularity and expensive prices, pure Kona coffee has become rare. Due to high demand and low supply, many companies started making Kona blends to yield high profits. The Kona blends include 10% Kona coffee beans with other average coffee beans. The below-given tips can help you find 100% original Kona coffee beans.

  • Always Read the Label

You should never fall for companies that claim Kona blend in their label. Instead, to ensure that coffee beans are authentic, you should carefully read the label and look for single-origin and single-sourced Kona coffee beans. Single-origin and single-sourced Kona coffee is grown, harvested, dried, roasted, and packed very carefully. In addition, the coffee packed in such farms is graded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HAD) based on the quality, size, shape, and moisture of the bean. Therefore, only companies with Kona coffee Hawaii and Kona coffee beans labels sell authentic Kona coffee beans.

  • Read the Ingredients & its Compositions

Before purchasing Kona coffee, always read the ingredients and check if other coffee beans, whether specialty or gourmet, have been added to them. If other coffee beans are mixed with Kona coffee, then you must check the proportion of Kona coffee beans. One should prefer buying coffee with 100% Kona beans to experience the exotic taste of Kona coffee.


  • Estate-Grown Kona Coffee

Estate-grown Kona coffee has the best taste profile. This is because these coffee beans are sown, sorted, and roasted in the same Kona coffee estate or farm. Above all, the Kona coffee farmers carefully handpick all the coffee beans to separate unripe and overripe coffee beans. Furthermore, these Kona estates carefully process the coffee beans to ensure robust flavor and avoid poor taste profile. Therefore, you can blindly trust estate-grown Kona coffee in terms of quality.


The Bottom Line

Kona coffee is a unique and delicious coffee that is grown in Hawaii. If you’re looking to try some of the best coffee in the world, Kona coffee is definitely worth a try. Purchase it from a trusted place to ensure 100 % original Kona coffee beans. You will come across several Kona Coffee sellers throughout your search, but only a few of them will be able to get you the best. So, think smartly before making the final purchase. 

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