6 Jobs One Can Do with an Associate Degree in Arts in Biblical Studies

Individuals who desire to work for churches or ministry organizations frequently choose Biblical Studies as their major in college. These courses teach students biblical tale structure, biblical interpretation, historical geography and civilizations, and theology. 

The following five positions may be available to graduates with a two-year asociado en artes degree in biblical studies.

Youth ministers guide young people toward reaching their full potential as Christians and assist them in developing a personal connection with God. They put a lot of effort into recruiting and developing leaders for youth programs. To assist them in meeting the evolving needs of children, they develop continuing connections with parents. They offer Sunday outreach initiatives and advocate the value of Bible study in worship services. Through weekly discipleship fellowship sessions, youth ministers offer a range of growth opportunities to their young charges. They inform kids about acceptable youth activities through social media and regular visits. Youth ministers exhort churchgoers to give children and teenagers healthy physical, emotional, and social environments at home and in church.

  • Program Director

Associate’s degree holders in Biblical Studies who administer church programs often create budgets and hire and fire ministry staff. They place a priority on controlling expenses via responsible administration of church funds. Supervisors of church programs aid in staff members’ understanding of the congregation’s purpose, values, and expansion objectives. To optimize efforts and outreach activities, they are in charge of coordinating and collaborating on ministry reports. Supervisors of church programs must be able to show ministry employees how their duties fit into the overall picture of the church’s objectives and the needs of the community. They establish a professional staff development strategy to ensure effective ministry occurs in each area and demonstrate team leadership abilities.

  • Digital Advertising

Religious groups rely on digital marketplaces to communicate with marketing managers to distribute uplifting messages and promote program participation. They carry out the church leadership’s strategic choices and support the designated campaign strategy. To increase audience engagement across multiple communication platforms, digital marketers use digital strategies for both internal and external audiences. Their objectives are to increase the financial and operational efficacy of budgets. They oversee the production of digital material distributed through social media, blogs, websites, and emails. In terms of strategic campaign planning, they provide leaders and departments with consultation help.

  • church assistant librarian

In colleges, parochial schools, and church administration offices linked with the church, church librarian assistants assist departmental librarians in managing archives and special collections. By choosing content and identifying appropriate resources, they aid users with references and research. They provide visitors to the library with official tours and informal education courses. Assistants to church librarians work with other theological libraries and local resources to aid users in finding the right information and guidance. To promote Christian principles and the use of existing resources, they assist libraries in planning and organizing programs, events, and displays. Church librarian assistants participate in local, educational, and corporate library committees.

  • Production Helper

Christian enterprises and organizations need production helpers to produce movies, graphics, and other printed materials for clients, participants in programs, recipients of charity donations, and the general public. They dub, burn, and transfer CDs, videos, and audiotapes when necessary. Additionally, they capture video from external sources like cable TV and satellite and internal sources like devotionals. Production assistants must keep up-to-date knowledge of production tools and procedures to be effective in their roles. They help with the setup, delivery, and troubleshooting of projectors, screens, and other digital playback equipment. They manage movies for editing sessions, digitize footage for editing platforms, and finish minor productions.

  • Getting into social work

In many social work roles, people are served in a Christian environment by being physically and spiritually cared for. Look for social work roles at crisis pregnancy centers, food banks, and other organizations if you are a caring person who wants to help in this capacity. These positions may not require an advanced degree. While some secular social work employment will demand a degree with a social work concentration, secular social work positions will count your AABS toward the necessary college hours. To become a licensed social worker, you need a master’s degree in social work, two years’ worth of supervised clinical practice, or 3,000 hours to pass a test. However, some administrative and other roles in the industry don’t have these qualifications. 

In conclusion, an associate’s degree in biblical studies is ideal for people who are committed to service, ministry leadership, and solving community issues.

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