Immediate Actions To Be Taken When A Car Breaks Down

Having a car means you will experience a car breakdown at one point or the other. But during such a situation you must not be nervous. As it can have an adverse effect. Here are the things that you need to know so that you can do it before calling a tow truck.

Find A Safe Place To Park

When the car has a problem, make sure that it is moved to a safe place. It can help avoid subsequent accidents.

Turn The Emergency Light

Especially when the car breaks down or crashes, the driver needs to turn on the emergency light and the park light at the same time. If one can move the car to a safe spot, then they must use the tools emergency triangle sign. This sign acts as a warning signal for various passing vehicles near the point. It also signifies that the car requires the help of either forklift or tow truck facility from Slide car Lat Krabang.

Open The Car Hood

In any event where the car experiences any kind of crash, one may not be able to continue driving. Such a situation calls for warning the other users. At the same time, you can also try to reduce heat accumulation. For instance, if a car overheats, opening the bonnets of the car would help to reduce the heat build-up and make it easier for the forklift operators to assist.

Things To Know Before Using A Forklift

In case you are using the forklift service, you need to know a few things. Particularly, it is a 24-hour service that helps to lift, slide on and tow your vehicle. Whenever you are using this service, you need to inform about the location. Especially if you can provide a proper landmark, it will make everything easy for the forklift operator. At the same time, you can experience service without any inconvenience.

In Conclusion

In case you are towing your car or lifting it across the town, you must have proper documents. Especially ID cards, copies of the car, and a signed contract that can help you to move the car. At the same time, the person moving the car must deposit at least 10% of the cost before they move to the reserve position. Only after receiving the car can they provide the rest 20% and the remaining with the completion of the job. In such a case, the owner needs either leave the keys with the employee or travel with the car.

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