Inflatable Bounce Houses For Corporate Team Building Activities: The Best Options

Are you looking to bring some fun and excitement to your next corporate team-building event? If so, why not consider an inflatable bounce house? Not only are they incredibly fun, but they can also provide a great opportunity for your employees to get to know each other better. In this article, we’ll discuss the best options for inflatable bounce houses when it comes to corporate team-building activities. By JungleJumps!


Inflatable bounce houses are an entertaining way to bring your corporate team together for a fun and memorable experience. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any type of team-building activity. Whether you’re looking for something to occupy the kids at a company picnic or an exciting way to build camaraderie among coworkers, inflatable bounce houses are the perfect option.

Inflatable bounce houses provide safe and secure play areas for children while also allowing adults to join in on the fun. They can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the size of the unit, making them ideal for any type of event. They are designed with safety features in mind, such as netting walls that prevent falls and cushioning floors that help reduce impact injuries. In addition, they provide plenty of space to accommodate multiple people at once so everyone can join in on the action.

Inflatable bounce houses are an easy and affordable way to foster collaboration and communication among employees. With their bright colors and playful designs, they make team-building activities even more enjoyable by adding some excitement and entertainment to the mix. Plus, they add a unique element of fun that will make your corporate event one to remember!

Benefits Of Inflatable Houses For Corporate Events

After understanding what inflatable bounce houses are, it’s time to discuss their benefits when used during corporate team-building activities. Inflatable bounce houses provide an environment that encourages collaboration among employees and develops problem-solving skills. Their interactive nature helps foster a sense of unity within the workplace and encourages creative thinking. Furthermore, they can also help to reduce stress levels in the workplace as employees enjoy themselves and have fun together.

In addition to increasing team spirit and morale, using inflatable bounce houses for corporate team-building activities is also cost-effective. They require minimal set-up time and can be easily transported from one location to another without breaking down or needing extra construction tools or materials. This makes them ideal for events on a budget since all that’s needed is an area large enough for the inflatable house itself.

Finally, inflatable bounce houses are a great way to get everyone involved in the event regardless of age, level of physical fitness, or skill level. The interactive nature of these structures means that anyone can join in on the fun, making them ideal for any corporate team-building activity. The best part? Everyone will have a blast while learning valuable skills that can be taken back into the workplace!

Types Of Inflatable Structures Available

When it comes to inflatable bounce houses for corporate team-building activities, there are several types of structures available. The most popular option is a standard bounce house, which typically features an enclosed area with a single slide, and often a basketball hoop. These basic models can be rented for a day or weekend and provide hours of entertainment for all ages.

For those looking for something more challenging, water slides are a great option. These slides feature long runs of tubing with multiple turns and drops, providing plenty of thrills and excitement. They also come in various sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your group’s size and budget. Plus, they can be used in any season—rain or shine!

Inflatables also come in the form of obstacle courses that feature climbing walls, mazes, tunnels, zip lines, and more. These larger structures require more setup time but offer an exciting way to encourage teamwork among employees while providing hours of fun.

How To Choose The Right House For Your Event

Choosing the right inflatable bounce house for your corporate team-building event can be a daunting task. It’s important to consider the size of the area you have to work with, as well as the size of your team. If you have a smaller space, you may want to opt for a smaller bounce house to maximize the amount of playing area available. Additionally, if your team is larger than the suggested capacity of any particular bounce house, it’s important to look for one that has room for everyone.

Another factor to consider when choosing an inflatable bounce house is its features and themes. Many companies offer various themed houses such as castles and pirate ships that can help make your event more fun and engaging. You should also make sure that any additional features like slides or basketball hoops are safe and age-appropriate for all participants.

Finally, it’s essential to research rental companies in your area and read customer reviews before committing to rent a bounce house. Ask questions about setup times, how long the rental period is, and what safety measures they take before delivering a bounce house at your event. Doing this will help ensure that you get the best possible experience out of renting an inflatable bounce house for your corporate team-building activity.

Safety Considerations

When selecting an inflatable bounce house for a corporate team-building activity, safety is of utmost importance. It’s important to determine whether the equipment meets the necessary safety standards and that the rental company has insurance in case of an accident. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the rental company provides a detailed instruction manual about how to properly use the equipment, as well as someone who can supervise it during the event.

Before renting the equipment, make sure that you thoroughly inspect all parts of it for any potential hazards or damages. Check for tears or holes in the material and make sure all seams are properly sealed. Also check that all straps, ties, and other fasteners are securely attached and not fraying or worn out. The entrance should be large enough so that participants do not trip or fall while entering or exiting. Finally, be sure to double-check with your venue if they have any additional requirements regarding inflatable bounce houses before booking one for your event.

To ensure maximum safety during the event, only allow participants within a certain weight limit to use the inflatable bounce house at any given time. Have someone supervise and monitor activity throughout the day; this will help avoid overcrowding and reduce the risk of injury due to misuse of equipment. If possible, have a spotter near each entry/exit point to help with foot traffic flow and prevent falls from occurring when participants enter or exit. Taking these precautions will ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience using inflatable bounce houses for corporate team-building activities.

Set-Up & Tear Down Requirements

Inflatable bounce houses are great for corporate team-building activities, but before you use one, it’s important to consider the set-up and tear-down requirements. Most inflatable bouncy castles require a minimum of two people for proper set-up, and some may require more than two depending on their size. In addition to the number of people needed, there is also the consideration of time: an average-sized bounce house will usually take around 30 minutes to set up and another 20 minutes or so to tear down.

When setting up your inflatable bounce house, make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment such as a blower or pump, stakes or sandbags (for outdoor use), a tarp (for indoor use), and any other accessories that may be required. Additionally, it is important to check the area where you plan to set up the bouncy castle for any obstacles or hazards that could affect its placement.

After your event has concluded, make sure to properly deflate your inflatable bounce house and store it away in a safe location until its next use. Don’t forget to clean up any debris from the setup process as well as any food or drinks that may have been spilled during your event. Taking these precautions will ensure that your inflatable bounce house is kept in good condition and ready for future events!

Cost Factors To Consider

Once you have determined the set-up and tear-down requirements for your inflatable bounce house, it’s time to consider cost factors. The size of the inflatable bounce house, the brand and quality of materials used, and any additional features can all have a significant impact on the price. You should also factor in any delivery fees, as well as whether or not you will need to rent additional accessories such as fans or generators.

When shopping around for an inflatable bounce house, compare prices between different vendors to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money. If possible, try to look for packages that include delivery and setup services as this can help save time and hassle. Additionally, check if there are any special discounts or promotions offered by the vendor at the time of purchase.

Finally, don’t forget to factor in potential costs associated with permits, insurance coverage, and liability waivers when renting an inflatable bounce house. These additional costs can add up quickly and could prevent you from enjoying a successful event if not taken into consideration beforehand. With proper planning and budgeting in place, however, team-building activities with an inflatable bounce house can be a fun way to build camaraderie among colleagues while keeping within budget!

Durability & Quality

When it comes to inflatable bounce houses for corporate team-building activities, durability, and quality are key factors to consider. The inflatables need to be of a high standard to maintain their shape and make sure they are safe for use. The manufacturers should also provide a warranty or guarantee on the product so that if anything goes wrong you can get it replaced or repaired quickly.

The material used is also important when it comes to durability. High-grade vinyl is usually the best option as it is strong and waterproof, making it ideal for use outdoors in any weather conditions. It’s also important to check that all the seams are securely sealed and reinforced, as this will help ensure the bouncer stays inflated for a longer period.

It’s also worth noting that some inflatable bounce houses come with additional features such as built-in basketball hoops or obstacle courses. This can add even more fun and excitement to your corporate team-building activities, so be sure to consider these when making your purchase.

Creative Themes & Decorating Ideas

When it comes to corporate team-building activities, having an inflatable bounce house is a great way to encourage collaboration. With creative themes and decorations, your employees can have a fun and unique experience that will inspire them to work together. Here are some of the best options for adding a little flair to your inflatable bounce house:

Themed accessories are an easy and cost-effective way to make your bounce house look amazing. From pirate-themed party hats to glow sticks, you can find everything you need online or in specialty stores. You can also set up custom banners or signs with company slogans, team names, or logos so everyone knows who’s hosting the event.

If you want something more elaborate, consider renting props such as life-size statues or figures that match your theme. Or add a few inflatables such as water slides or obstacle courses for added fun. You can also get creative with lighting by using spotlights or LED lights to create different moods inside the bounce house.

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, inflatable bounce houses provide endless possibilities for corporate team-building activities. With the right decorations and themes, you can create a memorable experience that will have your employees feeling connected and inspired like never before!

Equipment Necessary To Operate A Bounce House

When it comes to hosting a corporate team-building activity with an inflatable bounce house, certain pieces of equipment must be in place for the event to run smoothly. Without the right equipment, not only can the activity be dangerous, but it could also be unsuccessful. The following outlines the essential pieces of equipment needed to operate a bounce house safely and effectively.

First and foremost, a blower is necessary to keep the bounce house inflated during use. A blower should be designed specifically for inflatables and generate enough air pressure to ensure that the bounce house remains inflated throughout use. It is important to check with local fire safety regulations when selecting a blower as some localities may require that they meet certain safety standards.

In addition to a blower, any inflatable used should also have a repair kit on hand in case of any punctures or damage caused by improper use. This repair kit should include patch material, adhesive tape, and instructions on how to complete minor repairs quickly and safely. It is also important to check for any signs of wear or damage before each use; this includes checking for tears or holes in seams or other weak areas in the fabric of the inflatable.

Finally, having additional staff members available during operation is highly recommended for both safety reasons and customer satisfaction purposes. Having staff members available will allow them to monitor user behavior and ensure that all safety guidelines are followed at all times. They can also assist customers as needed and help keep lines moving while avoiding overcrowding within the bounce house area.

Delivery Options

When deciding to purchase an inflatable bounce house for corporate team-building activities, delivery is an important factor to consider. Most rental companies offer delivery services, but it’s important to determine the cost and timeframe of delivery before renting. The company should provide an estimated date and time of delivery that works best for you, as well as a detailed description of the setup process.

The company should also include a breakdown of the rental fee cost structure and any additional fees associated with delivery and setup. If there are any special considerations or restrictions when setting up the inflatable bounce house at your desired location, make sure to ask about them before signing a contract.

It’s also important to know how long the rental period is, as well as what type of payment methods are accepted. You’ll want to make sure you understand all the details before committing to a rental agreement so that there are no surprises down the line.


In conclusion, inflatable bounce houses offer a unique way to bring team members together through corporate events. The right house can provide hours of fun and create lasting memories for everyone involved. With the variety of options available, there’s something for every occasion. When selecting an inflatable house, it’s important to consider safety, durability, and quality; as well as creative themes and decorating ideas to make your event stand out. Additionally, make sure you have all the necessary equipment to operate the house and arrange delivery if needed. Inflatable bounce houses are a great way to bring your team closer together and create an unforgettable experience!


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