Preparing Your Car For An Interstate Transport

There could be many good reasons to transport your car out of state. You might be relocating across the country, giving an automobile as a gift to a person out of state, or a classic car enthusiast with valuable cargo. Shipping your car to another state in the right way needs a little bit of research and planning.

Hire the right auto transport company

You will have lots of options for good auto transport companies but how would you know which one is reliable?

  • Check for reviews on Google and Trustpilot and narrow down your search.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for the company’s credibility.
  • See how actual clients who have used their services rate the auto transport service, providers.
  • Ensure the company you choose to hire is a reputable vendor with the necessary experience in interstate vehicle transportation.

Ship A Car, Inc is a top-rated car shipping company that has been helping clients in relocating their vehicles and freight transport for decades all across the US including Alaska and Hawaii. Tell them exactly about your requirements and they will do everything to match your needs to the best service. Their shipping agents are just a call away and have direct access to the largest network of reliable carriers. Check their Facebook account at and stay connected for the latest updates on car shipping.

Open or enclosed carrier

Choosing an open-air or enclosed carrier depends on the make of your car and your needs. Open air is mostly preferred since it is affordable and is proven to be safe for your vehicle just like an enclosed carrier.

Enclosed carriers are quite expensive and since there is less number of enclosed trailers for interstate traveling, the transit time is likely to be more.

Do the necessary paperwork for interstate car shipping

It is ideal to have the registration, insurance proof, and title while handing over your car for shipping. However, most auto transport companies do not ask for these documents. Just ensure to keep up the insurance of your car whether it is an interstate or cross-country move. When shipping your car, all transport companies will insure it under their insurance policy but it is preferable to have additional insurance.

Preparing your car for interstate transport

After hiring the shipping company and the method of transport, your next step is to prepare your vehicle.

  • Thoroughly clean your car’s inside and exterior.
  • Take pictures of your car for the records of any dents, scratches, cracks, or paint chips.
  • Fill a quarter of your gas tank which should be enough to move your car from the trailer to the destination.
  • Remove all personal belongings as extra items are not insured.
  • Remove all toll road beepers from the car.
  • Finally, hand over the keys to the truck driver for loading and unloading your car on the trailer.

Thousands of people have been using reliable auto shipping companies for moving vehicles from one state to another. Whatever the reason may be, good research ensures that your car shipping runs as easily, swiftly, and economically as possible.


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