Use Your Dreams To Learn More About Yourself

Having access to the subconscious mind can be disorienting, but it allows us to glimpse a reality that lies beyond the structured conscious. Dreams are a way of learning about this reality, and although they often don’t make sense, they do provide clues that can reveal what’s going on inside the head.

For example, if a person in your dream is flying or has superhuman powers, this could symbolize something you want to do but are afraid of. Alternatively, if you’re being chased by a demon in your dream, it may be an aspect of yourself that needs to be acknowledged.

Dreams can also be used to practise skills that we need in waking life. This technique, called lucid dreaming, involves becoming aware that you are dreaming and having some control over the contents of the dream. It can help improve your quality of sleep, and can even address nightmares, which are known to interrupt it.

It is possible to learn how to lucid dream, but it requires practice and the right mindset. A good place to start is by keeping a dream journal – this will help you remember your dreams and make them more meaningful. It can also increase the frequency with which you achieve lucidity.

Another thing that can help with lucid dreaming is to perform regular reality tests throughout the day. Performing these simple tasks, such as looking into mirrors to see if they’re reflective or checking the time on your watch, can train your brain to become accustomed to checking whether you’re in reality or not. It can also prepare your brain for trying reality tests in a dream, which increases the chances of you becoming lucid.

The most important thing to remember about interpreting your dreams is that they’re not necessarily factual, and can be misleading. They’re an interpretation of what is happening in the unconscious, and they can also be distorted by our beliefs and biases.

For instance, if you’re dreaming about doing crunches, it is unlikely that you will actually get a six-pack, but you will probably be stronger than if you didn’t dream about doing them at all. Similarly, if you’re dreaming about giving an important speech and practicing it in the dream, there is no evidence that this will automatically result in a better speech when you actually give it, but it can definitely strengthen your confidence.

The best thing about dreams is that they’re an opportunity to get to know yourself. By taking a closer look at the symbols and metaphors that they use, we can unlock some of the answers to our most difficult questions, like “what makes you tick”? These answers can be found deep within the subconscious, where they have been living and growing since we were children. By learning to interpret your dreams, you can find the answers that are waiting to be discovered — just like your true potential. So, next time you wake up, don’t just brush off your dreams as irrelevant nonsense; instead, take some time to think about what they might be telling you.

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