When Compared To Other Devices Like Scram, How Is The Soberlink Device More User-Friendly?

The courts in Michigan routinely issue sobriety orders to those convicted of alcohol-related offenses. The practice of arresting and holding for further investigation anybody suspected of drunk driving prior to conviction is also commonplace. To enforce these injunctions, the courts use a number of different procedures for determining whether or not a person has been drinking. This article will describe how to use Soberlink and why it is preferable than Scram.

In other cases, the court may order the defendant to submit to a breath test at a JAMS facility or to wear a SCRAM tether that collects a sample of their sweat every 30 minutes. The SCRAM tether is not the most viable option since it is invasive and must remain on the body at all times. It’s also a major pain to have to drive somewhere specific every day to take an exam.

Remote alcohol monitoring is made possible via SOBERLINK, which combines the convenience of a Breathalyzer with the flexibility of not having a gadget connected to your body.

To what extent does the Soberlink function?

The Soberlink links breathe testing equipment with a mobile phone, and then transmits the findings to a cloud-based website for review by the probation department.

There is an inbuilt camera that takes a picture of the patient throughout the exam so that their identity may be confirmed. With this technology, users must take more responsibility for their actions.

The frequency of required testing is set by the court and is subject to modification.

  • Users may set up automated SMS reminders to test anywhere from twice to four times daily. The user’s stress level is lowered when their worry about failing an exam is reduced.
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly reports will be sent to probation through the Soberlink website.
  • If any of the tests turn up positive results, the probation office will be notified immediately.

Are you curious in the Soberlink and what it may do for you?

Soberlink’s user interface is designed to be intuitive. PBT devices, which police officers distribute to passing cars, are remarkably similar in size and design to this one. You might also say that it’s the size of a standard smartphone.

  • Using a scram tether for a day will set you back around $15.00.
  • Each online exam will cost around $4.00.
  • The cost of Soberlink is little about $10.
  • The Soberlink gadget is more convenient than tethers or PBT and will allow the user to pass the court’s testing requirements.
  • Soberlink reviews allow you to freely swim, shower, and go past airport metal detectors.
  • Moreover, the convenience of the Soberlink’s portability means that users need not go to a different location only to provide a breath sample.
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