Why Do Your Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India?

Want to get yoga teacher training (YTT)? Then, you must be wondering where you should undergo the training. Students tend to look for options in India to start their yoga training journey as this country is a yoga home. As you are willing to commit to a month of YTT, you should think about traveling to a new city or state to explore the place and learn yoga. India is the home of yoga and thus, attracts hundreds to thousands of yoga students every year from worldwide. They travel to Indian cities to learn everything about yoga and then be an instructor. 

Rishikesh, Goa, and Mysore are a few cities in India that are mainly the home to the best yoga schools. You will find most of the yoga schools in these Indian cities. Goa, one of the most famous places in India, is also a great city to learn yoga. Want to know why you should do your yoga teacher training in Goa? Find the key reasons below:

Rich and Vibrant Culture 

Goa emerged to be a part of independent India in 1961. The Portuguese took control of Goa in 1510 and ruled the city for 450 years that has strongly influenced the Goan food, culture, and architecture. Thus, Goa comes with an excellent mix of both colonial and rich Indian traditional culture. The city has a diverse population, which is a blend of Hindu and Christianity religions. 

Long Coastline of More Than 106 Kms With One of the Most Beautiful Sea Beaches in Asia

Goa comes with a long coastline of more than 106 km with a series of exquisite beaches spanning from north to south of the city. South of Goa has the most beautiful beaches in Asia, such as Colva, Majorda, Patnem, Agonda, Palolem, and Turtle Beach. In north Goa, you can visit sought-after beaches, such as Candolim, Calangute, Anjuna, Ashvem, Arambol, and Mandrem. Central Goa hosts Panjim, the capital of Goa, which is well-known for old Groan churches, like the Basilica of Bom Jesus. 

Pleasant Climate and Environment

The water of sea beaches in Goa is pleasant for swimming all season. It isn’t like the sea beaches in North America or Europe. Some beaches in North Goa seem more commercial because of more shops and people selling stuff on the beach. The South Goa beaches are more serene and quieter. The beaches are perfect for relaxation and swimming with the perfect mix of beach shacks and shops. 

Locals’ Warm Reception to Tourists

Goa is one of the most visited cities by local Indians and foreign tourists in India. The number of tourists visiting Goa had been increasing steadily over the years. The locals are used to being tourists and value the same as they are a source of livelihood for such people. You will be capable of finding your way around communicating in English as many locals are working on tourism. They have a basic knowledge of working English. 

Almost Safe to Travel as a Solo Traveller

Goa has a low crime rate and is safe for a solo traveler to stay. The safety of Goa has been consistent because of primary education, high-quality tourism, and a rich cultural blend. The police in Goa is quite active throughout the day and have regular patrols in popular sea back areas as they are frequently visited by many tourists all year. They have implemented measures, like Pink Patrols, mainly for women, where female police officers patrol the beach areas every day. 

Availability of Cheap to Moderately Priced Food in Restaurants 

Goa has a rich culture of food because of the significant influence of Portuguese and Hindu cultures. Foodies get a wide variety of options to explore. Goan food contains local ingredients, such as local spices, coconut milk, and fresh vegetables. You can easily find a variety of food, ranging from vegan, and vegetarian to non-vegetarian,  in most of the restaurants in Goa. The city also has had restaurants catering to only vegan food in recent years with the increasing visits of foreign tourists. Fish and rice are the local staple food for most Goans. The city has a huge fishing community and of which people who love eating fish can have a great time learning yoga there. Goa offers a wide variety of food at a reasonable price range from 3 Euros to 19 Euros per meal in a seated restaurant. 

Existence of an International Airport and Well Connected to Top Indian Cities

Goa is strongly connected to other big metropolitan cities, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bengaluru. So, you will always get an option to either fly to India through Delhi or Mumbai and then take a direct flight to Goa. You can also fly directly to Goa by taking some airlines, like Qatar, which flies you via Doha. You may also take a bus or train from Mumbai to reach Goa at a reasonable price. However, this option isn’t that beneficial if you are traveling to Goa for the first time. 

The Bottom Line

Pursuing a yoga teacher training course is quite a time-consuming process. Besides learning yoga, you need to like the ambiance where you get trained and the amenities the place offers. Goa is a city where people of all ages love to stay and enjoy spending time. Besides undergoing yoga teacher training, you will get to try various enthralling activities to keep yourself happy. The wide availability of diverse food cuisines in several Goan restaurants makes it easy for people to feed their appetites. Now, you know the reasons why you are doing yoga teacher training in Goa. If you want to have a memorable experience learning yoga in a happening place, choose Goa as the yoga training destination. 

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