How to Prepare for Class 10 CBSE Science Board Examinations


The class 10th Science board examination is critical for students who want to pursue the subject in higher grades. The CBSE Board follows the curriculum and accordingly creates the CBSE question paper for 10th Science. Here we have the guide to prepare you for the class 10 CBSE Science board examinations.

How to Prepare for Class 10 CBSE Science Board Examinations?

With technological improvements, the number of students choosing Science as a subject in 11th grade is increasing. However, some students need help with Science subjects in class 10th. No worries, if you follow the 10th Science exam preparation directions, you will effortlessly master the concept.

Make Study Notes

The NCERT Science textbook is the best book for preparing 10th-grade Science notes. The language used in the book is simple and concise. This periodic classification of elements notes class 10 and other chapter notes will be helpful in the final days of the exam to assist you in getting through the whole curriculum in a short amount of time.

Make a Study Plan

A study timetable is one of the most effective strategies for scheduling your studies. Cover the most vital topics first, then proceed to the least important chapters.

Solve Examples to Get a Good Score

While studying for the board examination, complete all examples. It is always good to solve every NCERT question to understand the question typology. If you need to get used to solving problems from the NCERT textbook, do that and make it a habit to get better grades with less difficulty. 

Review All the Exercises and Experiments

According to the latest exam format, conceptual and numerical problems account for more than half of the question paper. A practical understanding of the topics will solidify your principles to the point that you will comprehend them for the rest of your life.

Revise Your Science Notes Thoroughly

Revision is significant and affects your grade on the mark sheet. Instead of preparing new topics, students should spend the last few days before exams revising the reflection of light class 10 notes, and other chapter notes to clear all the concepts.

Practice Previous Year’s CBSE 10th Papers

After you’ve finished your revision, put your skills to the test by solving the sample papers and the previous year’s question paper; before you begin solving the sample question papers, set a timer. It provides you with the experience of solving the final exam question paper in this manner.


If you follow this guide consistently, you will be well prepared for your 10th board examinations, even if you have less time before the exam. You must ensure that you leave no stone unturned to secure the best possible marks. 


  1. What are the CBSE 10th science paper passing marks?

To pass, students must earn at least 33% in theory and qualify in theory and practical.

  1. Are NCERT books sufficient for the CBSE 10th science exam?

Students are advised to finish the NCERT books first, then move on to another reference book.

  1. What is the purpose of revision notes?

Making revision notes encourages good recall and retention of material since the mind becomes an active participant in studying. It also helps identify key parts within a chapter.

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